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Libertarian podcasts are your guide to understanding a complex world. In your effort to return power from faraway capitals to the individual, you need knowledge. These podcasts will help you understand libertarianism, news and current events in a new way. In compiling this list, I represented the different strains of libertarianism. I included podcasts with a high standard of quality and continuity. I want you to get useful information while having fun without the hassle of searching through hours of bad content.  – Chris Spangle, Host of We Are Libertarians

If you enjoy a podcast, please share it with friends. The shows featured below are long-running and consistent shows from across the libertarian spectrum. A complete list of shows are below. Independent media can only exist with your support.

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Resources to Learn Libertarianism

Curious about libertarianism? We’ve put together some resources to help you understand the basic principles of the fastest growing political philosophy.